Explosive Eurocrime Double Feature Bluray

Explosive Eurocrime Double Feature Bluray

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Double feature bluray Eurocrime, action, suspense Italian produced crime movies.

Special Cop in Action  stars Mauricio Merli,(Inspector Betti) & John Saxon,who organizes  all the criminal hold ups and robberies.They  both try to outsmart each other in the city of Naples, where crime is rampant.  101 minutes *Full HD (1.85 Aspect ratio) Audio English(2.0), Italian (2.0),Subtitles English, Italian, Spanish. Directed by: Marino Girolami (William Hawkins)

Included: Booklet, Violent Italy: The Italian Crime Film,by Roberto Curti

Weapons of Death.. Leonard Mann, Henry Silva.  Mafia Crime boss Santoro (Henry Silva) is under the protection of Don Alfonso, the Godfather, and remains untouchable. The only chance to trap Santoro, is to convince the other mob members that he has deceived and betrayed them?

Directed by: Mario Caiano  (Love Camp 27, Sirpa Lane)

90min *Full HD (1.85 Aspct ratio) Audio, English (2.0) Subtiles:English, Italian, Spanish